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Instead of preening in front of a mirror, our instructors live by the StrongFirst Code:

I am a student of strength

I am a quiet professional

Strength has a greater purpose.

under a StrongFirst Certified Instructor—you are learning from the best.

StrongFirst school teaches lifting skills with military precision—and  has rigorously tested them.


"Strength cannot be divorced from health.”


A StrongFirst certified instructor will treat you as a “student of strength.” The experience of training with one of our professionals is akin to martial arts practice—with the mutual respect and attention to detail that it implies.


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Our Services




High School and Collegian

Training to become a stronger quicker athlete.  



Adult Online or In-Person Training geared towards achieving goals in athletics and aesthetics.

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Strength is mental. Physically it is tightness. 

Practices included

Real / Safe

Skill / Easy 

Slow / Dynamic

Symmetrical / Simple

Physical and Mental focus categorizing into several practices blending YIN and YANG or tension and relaxation.  

Strength = Liberation


Cardio training is the ability of our bodies to take in, transport and use oxygen while boosting our cells called Mitochondria.
There's no point in being strong and flexible if you can't do the movement more than once or twice without sucking wind. 
There are programs designed to create a heart of elastic steel with one reasonably valued kettlebell. Be sure to ask us about the differences in Cardio Training: Vascular and Respiratory and how to take your first swing.  

Training correct breathing patterns can have huge impacts on heart health. Wrong breathing patterns can have the opposite which leaves our body acidic - There are many ways to achieve cardiovascular health. One of the best ways is knowing how to move with fast with weighted tools. 
“Correct” kettlebell training has been known and studied to “out-do” and “out simplify” other modes of training. Specifically, its technique has the ability to initiate a brief burst of effort similar to kickboxing or sprinting called “Kime”. 



The swing has a direct correlation to numerous sports that no other exercise can replicate:

  • A “ready” position for a football player 

  • soccer goalie ready to stop a ball

  • softball hitter putting her hips in to the twist and swing of a bat

  • A volleyball player with a spring loaded jump to execute a slam.

  • A basketball player increasing vertical jump in weeks time

This ballistic hip dominated exercise will outdo any other  training modality, and it will do it in half the time. Listed below are several benefits. 

The kettlebell delivers supreme 

all-around fitness.

  • All-purpose strength.

  • Extreme Power (quickness and strength)

  • Flexibility / Mobility

  • Hyper active Fat loss without the dishonor of boring aerobics.

  • One to two hours a week

  • All done with one compact and virtually indestructible tool that can be used anywhere- the kettlebell


Patrick is a natural yogi and a true master of form and function. He is the most aware and innately embodied teacher out there. His gentle nature will keep you comfortable and confident-getting you to try new things that can change your lifestyle. He knows how to connect your body & mind to your Heart so you can love yourself more into an active life. He teaches clients how to appreciate and relate to their body's in a new way. His coaching style integrates his holistic understanding in a way that ripples out to improve all areas of your life. He is highly perceptive, attentive to details, and observant and adaptable to individual needs. His flow and balanced Way of being with you is therapeutic. Spend some time with him, and you will hold yourself with a new and energized posture and see your true Self come alive more clearly from the inside out.


Patrick is an incredible trainer! Knowledgable, patient, and inspiring! He makes working out a pleasure instead of a chore. No matter what your goals are, Patrick will get you there!

Ritesh Rajan


He knows how to connect your body & mind to your Heart so you can love yourself more into your life. He taught me how to appreciate and relate to my body in a new way.

Lindy Bohlmann


"Most trainers are around here, (hand gesture mid chest) And Patrick is up here. (hand gesture around the head)"

Jeff Angeli



Highly effective for building strength.
Kettlebells are great for your heart.
Properly used, they are extremely safe.
Improve body composition.

Woman with Fitness Ropes


Its all in the Hips

Learning new creative ways to throw the heavy rope around can really build endurance.


"Strike First..."

Effectively strike the bag with minimal energy and the greatest output.
(meaning: learning how to be relaxed and ballistically use strength and power to produce huge landings with little energy expenditure)

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